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As 2019 draws to a close, it’s time to take a look back at the top ten stories that affected the Las Vegas legal community this year. Before we do, thanks again for reading, commenting, and offering your input because without you, the blog is dead. As always, we’re open to your suggestions on how we can improve the blog, so if you have any comments, criticisms, ideas, gossip, or want to volunteer to write a guest post, let us know. Here’s wishing you a happy 2020! Maybe we’ll see you again next year!

Our top ten Las Vegas related legal stories of 2019, in no particular order are:

10. Discovery Commissioner Bonnie Bulla got appointed to the Court of Appeals. 
9. Governon Sisolak appointed several new judges:  Christina Silva in Department 9, Jacqueline Bluth in Department 6, Rhonda Forsberg in Department G, and Trevor Atkin in Department 8. 
8. Daniel Albregts, Brenda Weksler anElayna J. Youchah became U.S. Magistrate Judges.
7. Alexis Plunkett was disbarred after agreeing to a plea deal that included a 5 year suspension.
6.  The billionaire accused of drug trafficking ot a sweetheart deal from the DA that includes no prison time. Public Defenders quickly sought to get similar deals for their clients.
5.The Supreme Court of Nevada issued a decision in Azucena v. State overturning a conviction and life sentence due to Judge Richard Scotti’s reaction when a juror explained why she would not be able to be impartial. Judge Scotti’s rant included inappropriate language and tossing a pocket size U.S. Constitution book against the wall. You can read more about it in the opinion and can see video of the incident in this RJ article.
4.  The Nevada Supreme Court made a big ruling about the right to a misdemeanor jury trial.
3. Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson has been fighting the Nevada Judicial Discipline Commission all year.  Now, Judge Amy Chelini is dealing with them too.
2. MGM settled the October 1 lawsuit for $800 million.
1. The new revised Nevada Rules of Civl Procedure went into effect. The revised EDCR takes effect tomorrow.

* Honorable Mentions

  • Judge Jennifer Togliatti was nominated to the federal bench.
  • Lawrence Van Dyke was confirmed as a 9th Circuit judge.
  • Scott Dozier committed suicide before legal process could grant him the execution he wanted.

What do you think? What did we miss? What do you think will be the big stories next year? Which big firm is teetering on the brink? Any judges about to have that meltdown that pushes them into the spotlight? Any wild predictions about the judicial election?  Stay tuned….

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